BIND 9.16.10 launchpad package for Ubuntu ?

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BIND 9.16.10 launchpad package for Ubuntu ?

John Thurston
I'm exploring Ubuntu as a possible platform, and have been eyeing the
ISC-offered packages at

The most recent build I see in the standard path is 9.16.9 (Nov 26,
2020). In the ESV path, I see 9.11.26 (Dec 16, 2020)

9.16.10 was released Dec 16, 2020 and appeared in the COPR releases (for
CentOS/RHEL) the next day. If I'm reading the footprints at launchpad
correctly, I don't see any failed builds for 9.16.10. Is there a reason
it isn't out there? Can we expect it to be built and published at sometime?

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