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BIND 9.16 Copr builds

Petr Mensik
Hello bind users,

I have prepared BIND 9.16 builds on COPR [1]. It can be used to install
more recent version of bind onto supported Fedora, or CentOS 8. It is
technology preview, some derived version should land in Fedora Rawhide
and Fedora 33. I would like to ask opinions on that builds. And receive
some testing, before it would replace current 9.11 Extended Support Version.

I would not recommend it for production use yet, but would like to have
some testing on it. If you would like to give it a try, please report
possible issues here or directly to me. It is not official build and its
issues do not belong to Red Hat Bugzilla.

I have made also development version 9.17 builds[2] for even more brave
users. Consider it very experimental and with low maintenance priority.
But it seems it works.

Enable that repository by instructions, then use just:
dnf install bind

Any test reports would be welcome.


Petr Menšík
PGP: DFCF908DB7C87E8E529925BC4931CA5B6C9FC5CB

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