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This list is provided for the purpose of discussing the deployment and administration of BIND DNS software.

Developers and contributors may solicit input from users here and users are welcome to ask for, and give help and advice here. BIND is the original, classic, full-featured open source DNS software system. The BIND9 distribution includes a DNS Authoritative server, Recursive resolver, and various utilities, including the popular DiG. Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) developed and actively maintains BIND9. For more information about BIND, see the ISC web site.

ISC offers professional support for BIND9. For information about BIND support email

The following is reposted from a 2016 post following an unacceptable exchange on this list: ( We should like to remind list users that irrespective of the basic levels of experience or knowledge of some of the posters here, that they are asking for community help and that advice should be given politely and with respect shown both towards the original poster and other contributors to a thread. The same courtesy and respect is also expected of list members towards others when discussing more advanced and complex topics. Please remember that: - English is not the first language for all - this can lead to misunderstandings - Beginners don't always 'get it' from the start (but with gentle guidance may become the experts of the future and surprise us all) If you disagree with another poster on a technical matter, please explain your position clearly, thoughtfully, and with appropriate support for your viewpoint. If you believe that you are the target of an insulting or inappropriate post, please alert the list administrators* rather than retaliating on the mailing list. If you have any other concerns about a poster, please bring them to the attention of the list administrators. Insulting and derogatory posts will not be tolerated and will result in future posts from those list members who are posting in this manner being held for moderation or suspended indefinitely from this community. * Contact to reach the list adminstrators.
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