Canadian registrars that properly support ipv6 and DNSSEC ?

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Canadian registrars that properly support ipv6 and DNSSEC ?

Brett Delmage
Not quite on-topic, but consider this an essential element of making my
BIND signing, authoritative server and name service work well.

Does anyone know of or ideally have experience with Canadian
(CIRA-authorized) and ideally _Canadian-based_ .ca registrars that handle
DNSSEC and ipv6 properly?

I've been using for years. They are friendly and responsive,
but I still have to file a ticket to submit an ipv6 nameserver address or
DS record. They have not moved ahead on this. Thankfully, these are not
frequent activities.

It would be nice to be able to automate it with an API, especially with
newer support for key rotation. I guess I could automate sending of an
email request to support using a BIND hook... :-p

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