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ISC is looking for dns geeks

Vicky Risk
Hello BIND-users,

We have two full-time job openings at ISC. We are so busy these days, we are adding another customer support engineer, and another developer to the BIND development team.

Those of you on this list know better than anyone how challenging, and satisfying, it can be to solve DNS problems. Both of these positions will be helping other open source users maintain stable and successful DNS services using BIND.  To view the job descriptions and or to apply, see

Both of these are 100% remote working jobs, with some requirement to travel for infrequent team meetings once the pandemic is over. We insist that you have excellent Internet access, but otherwise we are quite flexible.  Neither of these jobs is easy, but ISC is a supportive, ethical employer and you will have a good group of colleagues. We warmly welcome applicants from non-traditional backgrounds.

Please don't apply by replying to this message! Feel free to email me directly if you have questions, else go directly to

Thank you!!

Vicky Risk
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