Internet Systems Consortium has a position open (Support Engineer III)

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Internet Systems Consortium has a position open (Support Engineer III)

Michael McNally
Hello, bind-users list members,

I hope you'll excuse me for posting something a little bit out of
the ordinary for this list, but there are perhaps some in this
community who will be interested to know that we are looking for
a candidate to fill the position of Support Engineer III at
Internet Systems Consortium.

It was via this list (a number of years ago) that I myself
learned of a similar opening and thereby gained the opportunity
to join a crew of intelligent, friendly, and talented colleagues
working together to further the mission of an organization
whose vision is to develop free open-source software in order
to promote a free and open internet.

If you'd like to know more about ISC you can read about our mission

and if you are interested in learning more about the open position
you can find details here:

The successful candidate will have excellent communication skills,
strong technical knowledge and troubleshooting skills, and domain-
specific experience in DNS and DHCP.  Full details and links to
submit an application can be found on the job description page.

Thank you for your time and (for those who are not interested)
please accept my apologies for the digression from the usual list content.

Michael McNally
ISC Support
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