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Re: SRV is not CNAME, was srv lookup in record

John Levine
In article <[hidden email]> you write:
>On 2020-08-21 16:26, Marc Roos wrote:
>> Is it possible to use srv lookups, like eg cname. I do not want to
>> create SRV record, I just want to 'get' the ip addresses, that I would
>> get vai srv lookup.
>SRV records are more than just pointers to a specific server, there is
>also the priority and weight that need to be considered at the
>application level.

More importantly, SRV records have port numbers.  In SIP, which seems to be
the largest current use of SRV, as often as not the port number is different
from the default 5060.

SRV really is not like CNAME.

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