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 > Not yet. In 9.12 we added "primary" and "secondary" as synonyms for
 > the "master" and "slave" zone types, but we didn't touch any other
 > syntax.

 > In 9.17/9.18, we're going further: "primaries" will work in place of
 > "masters", and "primary-only" in place of "master-only".

Hi Evan,

In your email from July 5, you mentioned that primaries will work in the
9.17 branch. I use FreeBSD which is on the 9.16.x train.
Can you please commit the code change to the 9.16.x branch to make the
'primaries' work in the ESV branch?

I'm a long time bind user, and support your organization making these
small, but important changes.


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