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Upcoming talk on VinylDNS

Vicky Risk
Back in June I posted a Doodle poll here asking about interest in webinars on DNS zone management tools. The topic that got the most votes was VinylDNS, a project Comcast has sponsored and open-sourced. https://github.com/VinylDNS/vinyldns is Apache-licensed, with an active team of 5 core maintainers. It is a relatively substantial zone provisioning system, with a zone database and a GUI portal.

We have scheduled the talk for October 7th, a Wednesday, at 17:00 UTC. (It will be recorded and the recording posted on ISC’s YouTube channel.)  To register, go to: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_xTx3UnnBSLaMwpY5MXWnag

Joe Crowe, Senior DNS/Network Engineer at Comcast and Paul Cleary, Principal Software Engineer for the VinylDNS system will give the talk jointly. They have promised mini-demos illustrating key features. 

Two other tools I would still like to get presentations on are:
OctoDNS - maintained by Github. Manages zonefiles across multiple DNS providers. (https://github.com/github/octodns)

DNS Control - maintained by Stack Exchange. Manages zonefiles across multiple DNS providers (https://stackexchange.github.io/dnscontrol/)


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