Updated: Vim syntax for zone files (as well as named.conf)

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Updated: Vim syntax for zone files (as well as named.conf)

Steve Egbert
This is the first announcement of the update to Vim syntax of DNS zone data file.

The syntax update entails nearly all resource record (RRset) codes possible for zone files.

Also, for named.conf, I've updated the syntax file to reflect 9.16.1  and nearly all of 9.17.4.

Backdrop: Vim syntax for named.conf highlights `include`, clauses, statements, options, reserved keywords, and only its valid value, including IPv6/IPv4.  This means accidental 'yes' instead of 'warn' or 'fail' (for `check-mx-name` in view) will not be highlighted (and you would know it right away).  Or accidentally using `check-names master fail;` in `view` or `master` clause.  Many alike statements have different available settings in different clauses, got that covered.


S Egbert

Reference: https://github.com/egberts/vim-syntax-bind-named

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