bind-9.14.9 with pkcs11 lib

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bind-9.14.9 with pkcs11 lib

Champion Xie

when I  build BIND, bellow:

hi all :

./configure --prefix=/opt/bind9   --with-openssl=/opt/openssl-1.1.1d  --with-pkcs11=/opt/hsm/ --with-python-/usr/local/python27/bin/python && make && make install

ok it'fine  

and then 
/opt/bind9/sbin/pkcs11-list -p ""  --- it' s ok 
/opt/bind9/sbin/pkcs11-tokens  ---- it's ok
/opt/bind9/sbin/dnssec-keyfromlabel  -a RSASHA256 -l 'SS_RSA_PRIKEY1' -K keys  -P now -A now+315360000 -I now+315360000 -D now+315360000
oh it's wrong, output info:

dnssec-keyfromlabel: fatal: failed to get key no engine

i have been make the pkcs11  lib  to bind

Best Regards!!

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