$include not working with inline-signing

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$include not working with inline-signing

Axel Rau

I have
        auto-dnssec maintain; inline-signing yes;
and tried a
        $INCLUDE tmx4.lrau.net.tlsa
in my manually maintained zone file.
It seems that everything after the $include is missing in the zone.

The $included file contains one or 2 TLSA RRs with absolute origin like

_25._tcp.tmx4.lrau.net. IN TLSA 3 0 1 56c2987c6e14bdd40d3f8b2cbe004e85d2ff27a466b7d041b2178e0bd880b33f

I have no origin set, because the arm says:
β€žThe origin and the current domain name revert to the values they
had prior to the $INCLUDE once the file has been read.β€œ

What am I doing wrong?
Is this a bug?
Any workaound?

Thanks, Axel
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