zone forward to pseudo domain(*.local) does not work

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zone forward to pseudo domain(*.local) does not work

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hi guys

I'm quite sure I must be missing something trivial, yet my logic here
might be failing too...

I have a boxA which for local clients resolves mydom.local just fine.

And I've a boxB which

   zone "mydom.local." IN {
     forward first;
     type forward;
     forwarders port 53 {; };

and here is where I cannot resolve that mydom.local domain. On boxB logs
these show:

named[20124]: broken trust chain resolving 'mydom.local/A/IN':
named[20124]: no valid RRSIG resolving 'mydom.local/DNSKEY/IN':

I checked responses from boxA with +dnssec and as expected these are

boxA does allow-transfer boxB

What is the problem, what I got wrong there?

many thanks, L.

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